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Satin Alien

Welcome to the circus, I think you'll like it here.

All right, kiddies, here is the situation...

it seems a lot of us would love to do a LARP reunion type thing and we left it there. Reid said he talked to Nathaniel and Old Main is, tragically, reserved for the Peoria Dark Ages LARP that weekend of the 28th. So I suggest we reserve another damn space. There's lots of it on campus. All we need to do is pick it and then ask the LARC very nicely to reserve it. I bet they will.

a. Aux Gym. A bitch to get, but an amazing space.
b. GDH. Lots of levels, lots of little rooms. And no one can hear us scream...
c. It is possible to reserve rooms in the library (strange, but true). We could use that if we were not going to be loud at all. Or possibly just use it as a place to relocate in game. Secret meetings...oooh...

On a completely different note, it seems I need caffiene.

We have brilliant GMs/STs out there. Cori, Mike, Reid, Lisa, Clint, Wes, just to name a few. And I'm not so bad with a story myself. The idea of the Midnight Circus was broached. I have the tabletop book and am willing to organize a game and a story. If you want this, I need help!

Here is what I need:
a. Someone to talk to the LARC and make sure we have the space.
b. Someone to help me with system. I work wonders with story, not so much with the rock-paper-scissors. So I need a rules lawyer.
c. Volunteers to be part of a NPC troupe. It would be small, but to play pivotal characters.
d. Players! Who wants in? A game can't happen without you!

If we are really going to make this happen, then I need to know who is in and who can help. I'm setting a deadline for helpers - midnight on Friday, October 13th. Two weeks before the game. If you are willing to help, leave a comment letting me know what you're willing to do and what your best email address is for contacting you.

Game on.
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