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Special to February 23

Police Investigate Possible Violence at Knox

AP Galesburg- Late Saturday night, the 22nd of February, into the early hours of Sunday morning, Knox College was the site of waht may turn out to be a violent encounter. Around 12:30 students leaving the college's snack bar reported seeing and hearing a large explosion outside of Old Main, the historic site of one of the Licoln-Douglas debates. Several minutes later loud "popping" noises, described as gunshots, were reported on the north and north-west sides of the building; facing South Street.
The building was registered for use by a group that uses the building on a regular basis. The school's administration, however, will not release the identity of the group using the building nor the group's reason for being there. While no hard evidence has been collected and the police chief is unavailable for comment, the Common Room has been sealed until further notice.
The police report that when they responded they found no one in the building. The college's adminstration's official response is that a group of party-goers became overzealous in the fraternal celebration. These students shot off fireworks and noise-poppers that took some students by suprising, resulting in the police's involvement. The school would not comment on why one of the rooms in the building had been sealed by the police.
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