NiNqUarK (ninquark) wrote in galesburglarp,

Reunion? No, I don't mean Sephiroth! ((OOC))

While speaking with Dana, and as a result of some comments in the last post here, we thought it would be fun to actually get some of the older LARPers together for a game during Halloween. If such a game is going to be organized for Halloween, it will need to be organized soon to insure people can make it.

Here's a list of questions that I've come up with that might be useful in figuring out what (if anything) we'd like to do. Please ask more if you think of anything else:

Do we want a "reunion" game, to bring former players together?

If so, what game should we play? (Vampire, Changeling, Werewolf, cross-over, non-WoD, etc.)

If Vampire, should/can we play within the current continuity of the Galesburg by Night game?

When should this game be planned?

Who, at Knox, is willing to reserve the space for it?

Who will run it?

Should the game be invite only or open to the public?

~Wesley (aka Dumah)
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